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Doctor Who + Puns

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Once Upon A Halloween (2014)

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Henry | Outlaw Queen | Emma | Hook | Rumbelle | Robin Hood | Wicked Witch | Snowing | Regina

Colin O’Donoghue talks Frozen at SDCC 2014 XX

I’m a S.H.I.E.L.D. shadow.

Ciel & Sebastian | Chapter 97


when u get online before ur friend and there’s big news in ur fandom



Benedict Cumberbatch when asked why directors or producers always choose him to play “smart” characters at TIG Press Conference:

"Eeh.. Ask him! (the director was sitting next to him) I don’t know, but it is a question for directors really, I think… or friends. But I don’t want to be here when the answer is said, which’d just make me embarrassed, I think. 
It’s very flattering on one account, it’s quite disturbing on another because I’m far removed from the level of intelligence of the characters I’ve been lucky enough to portray. You know, what I try and look for is something that a general audience can relate to, to have an investment in these extraordinary people who achieve extraordinary things and that’s an easy task for an actor, to humanise these incredible machines of ideas that some of these people are. Not easy always but that’s the challenge, that’s what I’ve enjoyed doing but … oh… crap! I’m really bad at answering this question, I’ve been asked to quite a lot and I’m really bad at it. Sorry, that’s a bit of a… dodge. But yeah, I’m very lucky.





Did anybody notice the sign that reads “Beware pickpockets”?

It is like pure gold <3

Fun fact: pickpockets used to put up signs like that in tourist areas, so that tourists would pat places on themselves where their valuables were kept, to check that they were still there. Then the pickpockets would know exactly where to retrieve them from.

I love learning 


merlin + 4.04

You must give the dragon a name. Aithusa. A white dragon is, indeed, a rare thing, and fitting. For in the dragon tongue, you named him after the light of the sun. No dragon birth is without meaning. Sometimes the meaning is hard to see, but this time I believe it is clear. The white dragon bodes well for Albion, for you and Arthur, and for the land that you will build together.